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Regional Planning Policies: Policy MIN 6 Safety and Amenity

Policy MIN 6 Safety and Amenity
To have particular regard to the safety and amenity of the occupants of developments in close proximity to mineral workings.
The continuous and disruptive nature of mineral operations make them "bad neighbours" particularly of housing. The potential for conflict will be reduced by requiring a degree of separation to be kept between mineral workings and other developments particularly where mineral operations involve blasting. The distance required will vary according to the nature of the mineral operations and neighbouring developments.
Permission will not normally be granted for mineral workings and other developments to be in close proximity where potential sources of nuisance are judged to be incompatible with standards of amenity acceptable to the Department and other relevant authorities. Where permission is granted for a mineral working in close proximity to other developments, conditions designed to mitigate disturbance from the working will, where appropriate, be attached to the permission.
In relation to proposals to extract minerals by underground methods, careful consideration will be paid to the effect such developments are likely to have on the stability of the surface lands directly above and surrounding the mine areas. Where there are existing buildings, in particular housing, on these surface lands planning permission for mining will not normally be permitted.
Conversely, proposals to develop the surface lands directly above or surrounding areas from which minerals have been or are being extracted by underground methods will be carefully considered in relation to the attendant risks. Developments which involve the erection of buildings will not normally be permitted in the interests of public safety.
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