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Regional Planning Policies: Policy MIN 2 Visual Implications

Policy MIN 2 Visual Implications
To have regard to the visual implications of minerals extraction.
Visual intrusion is often the most significant environmental impact associated with mineral workings. Where permission is granted landscape quality will be protected by attaching conditions designed to avoid or mitigate visual disturbance. To minimise their visual impact in the landscape workings should, where possible, be located to take advantage of existing landforms and features. Particular regard will be paid to the preservation of skylines and to the proposed location of plant, stockpiles and overburden/waste within the working.
It is a fact of geology that some of the more beautiful parts of the countryside such as Areas of Outstanding Natural Beauty and areas of high scenic value contain easily workable reserves of rock and sand and gravel. It would be unrealistic to dispense with essential sources of supply. Nevertheless applications for new mineral workings and extensions to existing workings in these areas will be subject to rigorous examination with particular attention being given to the landscape implications of the proposals.
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