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Regional Planning Policies: Policy IC 1 Land for Industry and Business

Policy IC 1 Land for Industry and Business
This policy has been superseded by: PPS 4-Planning and Economic Development
To ensure a range of suitable sites is allocated within towns to meet the future demands of industrial and business enterprises.
The Department is concerned to ensure that the economic development of Northern Ireland is not hampered by the lack of suitable sites for industrial and business development. The development plan system will be used to ensure that there is an adequate range of sites to meet the anticipated needs of the Industrial Development Board, the Local Enterprise Development Unit and the private sector.
In recognising the general benefit of central locations, for example in terms of communications and access to labour markets, land will be zoned for industrial purposes within the main settlements. Proposals for inappropriate uses within areas zoned for industrial purposes will be resisted.
The Department will, as far as possible, seek to allocate land which:
  • is accessible in terns of the transportation network;
  • is free from physical or servicing constraints. On some sites however developers may have to contribute to the costs of services provision - see Policy PSU 15
  • is suitable for a wide range, in terms of both size and nature, of potential enterprises;
  • is more than adequate not only to provide for anticipated needs but also to allow an adequate range of choice of development opportunities; and
  • will not result in a serious loss of environmental quality for residential areas.
All proposals for the development of land for industrial purposes will be expected to:
  • be compatible with adjacent land uses particularly residential uses;
  • be of a scale, design and fishes appropriate to the locality. This will be particularly important where the proposed development is visible from main roads or other heavily used public areas;
  • provide significant areas of soft landscaping. Where possible existing vegetation should be retained;
  • adequately screen areas of outside storage from public view and neighbouring residential properties; and
  • provide adequate car parking and manoeuvring areas.
The adequacy of industrial provision will be regularly reviewed through the monitoring of demand and land availability and both the development plan and development control processes will be used to make any adjustments considered necessary.
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