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Regional Planning Policies: Policy CON 2 Nature Conservation and Development

Policy CON 2 Nature Conservation and Development
This policy has been superseded by: PPS 2-Natural Heritage
To pay due regard to nature conservation issues when considering proposals for development which might adversely affect habitats, species or features worthy of conservation.
However important the network of protected sites may be, it is recognised that it will cover only a tiny proportion of the land area. They cannot therefore contain more than a representative sample of what is most valuable in the natural resource; indeed, most of the rare species protected under the Wildlife Order are not confined to Nature Reserves or Areas of Special Scientific Interest, but occur elsewhere. There is a gradation of nature conservation interest throughout the countryside and in many urban areas.
Survival of the entire range of the Province's wildlife populations and the maintenance of the full diversity of its geological and physiographical features cannot be achieved solely by site protection, but will require the wise management of the total land resource. In addition great importance will be attached to the wider conservation responsibilities of international obligations.
The preparation of all development plans will include an environmental appraisal in order that due regard is paid to nature conservation issues in the formulation of proposals.
Each Area or Local Plan will include among its objectives the conservation of natural resources and conservation requirements will be integrated into the Plan as a whole.
Nature conservation will be considered in assessing planning applications generally. Careful consideration will be given to the nature conservation implications of any development proposal where it is known that the proposal may threaten any protected species of flora and fauna, any area of wetland as defined in the Ramsar Convention, or any other significant feature of nature conservation value. Wildlife habitats and physical features can sometimes be protected by the careful siting and treatment of developments. In some cases, conditions will be attached to a planning permission to minimise or compensate for the impact on wildlife or physical features.
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