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Regional Planning Policies: Policy CO 7 Marinas

Policy CO 7 Marinas
This policy is superseded by PPS 16 Tourism
Proposals for the creation of new marinas or the extension of existing marinas within existing settlements will be given favourable consideration provided they are of a scale appropriate to the settlement.
In recent years there has been a rapid rise in the demand for mooring space within marinas. It is anticipated that this demand will continue to increase. In determining applications for marinas consideration will be given to both the aspect of need and the capacity of the local environment to accommodate further development. It is recognised that a properly planned and located marina has the advantage of concentrating large numbers of boats in a small area, thereby reducing pressure on vulnerable areas of coastline and offering the possibility of facilities to prevent or contain pollution.
Due to the impact that such developments have on the coastline, it is unlikely that any new marina development would be acceptable other than within an existing settlement. The location, siting and design of any proposals would need to be carefully considered. In particular, the provision of on-shore facilities and the potential increase in traffic would need to be of a scale acceptable for the settlement. A number of recently developed marinas have however demonstrated that they can make a significant contribution to the regeneration of existing urban waterfronts. Sympathetic consideration will be given to other schemes which would help re-develop urban waterfronts and assist the local economy.
In the consideration of proposals for marina development within existing urban stretches of the coast particular regard will be given to:
  • the visual impact of the development from both the landward and seaward aspects;
  • the impact of any necessary engineering works on the coast, including its ecology, and, in particular, on areas of nature conservation interest and on sites and features of historical or archaeological interest;
  • the scale and design of on-shore facilities;
  • the relationship with adjacent land uses and in particular with residential properties;
  • the anticipated increase in traffic and the suitability of the existing road network; and
  • the provision of adequate parking and landscaping.
Where permission is granted conditions may be applied to regulate the design, scale and operation of the facility.
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