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Regional Planning Policies: Policy CO 5 Tourist and Recreation Schemes

Policy CO 5 Tourist and Recreation Schemes
This policy is superseded by PPS 16 Tourism
Exceptionally, proposals for the provision of tourist or recreational schemes in undeveloped coastal areas may be granted permission in situations where a coastal location is essential, provided the development would not lead to an unacceptable impairment of the amenity of the area.
Many recreational and tourist facilities depend on a coastal location or the natural beauty of the coastline. Such facilities are often a valuable resource for large sections of the population while others can make an important contribution to the  tourist industry. Development can itself however result in a loss of the visual quality or the tranquil nature normally associated with the coastline. In determining applications for recreational or tourist schemes the Department will balance the advantages of such facilities against the need to preserve the amenity of the coast.
In general, tourist and recreational schemes and facilities will be directed to existing urban areas. Exceptionally, proposals on the undeveloped coastline may be acceptable where the development is judged to be of considerable regional importance to the tourist industry and:
  • an urban location is not feasible;
  • the facility makes use of an existing unique feature of the coastline.
In addition, it will be important that:
  • the facility, together with associated access and car parking, etc, can be accommodated in the local landscape without any serious impairment to the amenity of the area; and
  • the facility is one to which the general public will have access.
Permission will normally only be granted where the development can be satisfactorily integrated into the environment and the proposals include the highest standards in the siting, design and landscaping of any built development. The submission of an Environmental Statement may be required.
Favourable consideration may be given to low intensity coastal recreational uses which are considered to be acceptable in that they would not lead to an unacceptable impairment to the amenity of the area.
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