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Regional Planning Policies: Policy CO 4 Access to the Coastline

Policy CO 4 Access to the Coastline
This policy is superseded by PPS 16 Tourism (insofar as it relates to tourism development or the protection of tourism assets from inappropriate development).
To encourage schemes which provide or extend public access to the coastline.
A very large number of people derive enjoyment from the natural beauty, beaches and amenities of the coast. Some of the coastline however remains inaccessible to the general public. Proposals both for the provision of or extension of public access to the coastline will be supported.
In considering development proposals in or adjacent to the coast attention will be paid to the retention of existing public accesses and coastal walkways. Development which would result in the closure of existing access points will normally only be acceptable where a feasible alternative is provided.
Proposals from public bodies or private individuals to provide or extend access to the coastline will normally be permitted provided:
  • the proposal would not adversely affect any area of nature conservation, geological or landscape value or the man-made heritage; and
  • the provision of access including associated facilities such as pathways, local car parks and picnic areas are of a scale that can be satisfactorily accommodated without impairing the amenity of the local area.
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