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Planning Strategy for Rural Northern Ireland

This Planning Strategy for Rural Northern Ireland has been prepared by the Town and Country Planning Service of the Department of the Environment (NI). In the course of preparing the Strategy the Department consulted widely.
A leaflet entitled "What kind of countryside do we want?" was published in August 1991. An advertisement was placed in the three regional newspapers making the public aware of the availability of the leaflet. A number of planning issues were identified and responses were invited from District Councils, farming and amenity groups, and members of the general public.
In the last quarter of 1991 the Rural Development Council, the Rural Community Network and Community Technical Aid organised a series of public meetings, or 'clinics', at which the issues raised in the leaflet were discussed. A comprehensive report of the views expressed at the meetings was forwarded to the Department in January 1992.
The Department is now publishing its planning strategy for rural Northern Ireland. This document incorporates regional policies and associated practice for the planning and control of development in rural areas.
Department of the Environment (NI)
September 1993
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