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PPS 16 'Tourism'

Issued by: Department of the Environment
Status: Final
Published: June 2013
PPS 16 sets out the Department's planning policies for tourism development and also for the safeguarding of tourism assets. It seeks to manage the provision of sustainable and high quality tourism developments in appropriate locations within the built and natural environment. It embodies the Government's commitment to sustainable development and to the conservation of biodiversity.

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Any queries in relation to this document should be directed to your local area planning office.
A Summary of Consultation Responses (Opens PDF document in a new browser window 87 KB) detailing some of the main issues to emerge from the public consultation has also been produced and is available for download.
In the interest of protecting the environment, where possible, the use of electronic means to view both documents is encouraged. However, if you require a hard copy or wish to enquire about alternative formats, please contact us.
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