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PPS 18: Renewable Energy
Policy Objectives

3.1 The primary aim of this Statement is to encourage and facilitate the provision and siting of renewable energy generating facilities in appropriate locations within the built and natural environment. The main objectives behind the policies are:
  • to contribute to the alleviation of climate change through reducing greenhouse gas emissions;
  • to contribute to the regional target of 12% of electricity generation by 2012, and 40% by 2025 from renewable energy sources;
  • to assist the diversification of energy supply and a more competitive energy market;
  • encourage economic growth and rural diversification associated with the development of an indigenous renewable energy industry;
  • to ensure that the environmental, landscape, visual and amenity impacts associated with renewable energy development are adequately addressed;
  • to ensure appropriate protection of the Region’s built and natural, and cultural heritage features;
  • to promote knowledge of and greater acceptance by the public of prospective renewable energy developments that are appropriately located;
  • to foster greater community involvement in renewable energy projects and encourage use of community benefits; and
  • promote greater application of the principles of Passive Solar Design in the design, siting and layout of new development.
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