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Draft PPS 18: Renewable Energy
Policy Context: Regional Development Strategy

2.7 The Regional Development Strategy for Northern Ireland 2025 (RDS) acknowledges that the effects of climate change will have implications for lifestyles and the form of development in the future and indicates that strategic planning, to deal with key impacts that may arise from climate change, will be more cost effective than taking retrospective action.
2.8 An objective of the Strategy is to contribute to reducing the impact of global warming, both locally and globally, and to emphasise the importance of cutting environmental costs generally, by reducing the consumption of natural resources and energy from non-renewable sources.
2.9 A number of specific measures contained within supporting actions to the Strategic Planning Guidelines include:
  • promotion of the development of renewable energy resources (RNI 1.1);
  • promote a wider choice of energy supply, including the use of renewable energy to respond to the implications of climate change and promote more prudent and efficient use of energy and resources (ENV 5);
  • promote the use of cleaner and more efficient fossil fuels and the exploitation of renewable sources of energy and alternative energy technology (ENV 5.3).
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