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Draft PPS 18: Renewable Energy
Policy RE 2: Integrated Renewable Energy and Passive Solar Design

Policy RE 2 Integrated Renewable Energy and Passive Solar Design
Planning permission will be granted for a development proposal involving the integration of renewable energy technology, including micro-generation, where it meets the provisions of Policy RE1 and provided the technology is appropriate to the location in question in terms of any visual or amenity impact it may have.
The Department wishes to encourage greater application of the principles of Passive Solar Design (PSD) through the planning system, while recognising this is likely to be constrained to an extent by building and location specific factors.
To assist this process, applicants for the following types of development will be expected to demonstrate what consideration has been given to PSD principles in the layout, siting and design of their proposals:
  • all public sector development;
  • large-scale urban development (generally defined for the purposes of this policy as a site of 1ha or greater or a building of 5,000m2 or greater); and
  • dwellings in the countryside.
For other forms of development the Department will also encourage the application of PSD principles.
The information and best practice guidance on Passive Solar Design set out in Annex 2 will be taken into account in assessing proposals.
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