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Draft PPS 18: Renewable Energy
Policy RE 1 Justification & Amplification: Technology Appropriate Location

4.15. Renewable energy resources, such as hydro or wind, can usually only be developed where they occur and some degree of impact may be unavoidable. In relation to wind energy, this can only be exploited where wind speeds are sufficiently fast. By its very nature the wind resource is likely to be greatest in upland areas, which may be particularly sensitive in terms of their landscape and nature conservation value. It is also recognised that larger-scale wind energy developments are likely to be visible over distances. However, the impacts associated with such forms of renewable energy development may be considered acceptable for example because they are minor or because mitigation measures may be put in place.
4.16. Technologies which are not site specific e.g. those which involve the combustion or breakdown of materials such as wood waste will, additionally, be expected to be located as close as possible to the source of the material in order to ensure that transportation of such materials is minimised. A possible exception to this would be where a Combined Heat and Power scheme necessitates its location close to the user of the heat and/or energy, in which case the applicant will be expected to demonstrate that the benefits of such a scheme outweigh the transportation costs involved.
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