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Draft PPS 18: Renewable Energy
Policy RE 1: Justification & Amplification

4.1. Increased development of renewable energy resources is vital to facilitating the delivery of the Government’s commitments on both climate change and renewable energy. The Department will therefore support renewable energy proposals unless they would have adverse effects which are not outweighed by the local and wider environmental, economic and social benefits of the development. This includes wider benefits arising from a clean, secure energy supply; reductions in greenhouse gases and other polluting emissions; and contributions towards meeting the Region’s target for use of renewable energy sources.
4.2. This policy is intended to apply to all renewable energy technologies. Such technologies can be used at different scales ranging from those which contribute to the national grid, to micro-generation schemes which serve one property. Renewable resources can be used to supply Combined Heat and Power Schemes (CHP) to serve groups of properties, including housing schemes. It is acknowledged that technologies are constantly being researched and developed. Developments utilising other renewable technologies, not presently viable, but which become viable will also be assessed against the requirements of Policy RE1.
4.3. Development proposals should demonstrate any environmental, economic and social benefits as well as how any environmental and social impacts have been minimised through careful consideration of location, scale, design and other measures.
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