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Draft PPS18: Renewable Energy
Annex 3 Case Studies: Protocol between ScottishPower & Argyll & Bute Council, Scotland

3.13 The following concordat has been developed between the local authority and the developer. It is in addition to voluntary “community benefits” packages that have been subject to the Scottish equivalent of “section 106” obligations. The Council has resolved that community benefits packages for future developments will move away from a reliance upon Town and Country Planning legislation and will establish community trust funds outside of the planning system. The partnership with ScottishPower is described in the following concordat:
a) Argyll and Bute Council (“the Council”) have recognised the significant renewable energy resource within the region and wish to see this developed responsibly for the maximum long-term socio-economic benefit of the population of Argyll and Bute.
b) ScottishPower have existing hydro and wind farm interests in Argyll with plans for further expansion in response to demand for renewable energy, and are also the current energy supplier to the Council (including 20% green energy).
Without prejudice to either party’s rights and interests, in whatever capacity, Argyll and Bute Council and ScottishPower have agreed to create a Strategic Partnership, which will be expanded to include other utilities and renewable energy companies at the request of such other utilities and renewable energy companies, to ensure that benefit from renewable energy developments are maximised locally through further renewable energy developments and energy efficiency measures. This partnership recognises the long-term relationship, which the Council wishes to have with ScottishPower and such other utilities and companies, ensuring the responsible harvesting of the full range of renewable energy resources in the longer term while maximising benefit to local communities and the local economy.
The Strategic Partnership between Argyll and Bute Council and ScottishPower will in the meantime co-ordinate activities for mutual benefit in the following key areas:
i.The completion of a region-wide Renewable Energy Resource Assessment the remit of which will be drawn up in agreement between the two parties and other relevant partners. The Council will manage the assessment with input from ScottishPower in key areas of expertise.
ii. The completion of a strategic site-selection study for tidal stream power to identify a suitable location for an early demonstration project, recognising the likely significant potential for this technology in the region. This will be led by ScottishPower with input and resources to be agreed from Argyll and Bute Council and other relevant bodies i.e. Scottish Natural Heritage (SNH).
iii. In recognition of the vital role which the Argyll, Lomond and the Islands, Energy Agency (ALI Energy) currently plays in the promotion of renewable energy and energy efficiency, and its future potential role if adequately resourced, funding will be provided from ScottishPower for ALI Energy for an agreed scope of work to include renewable energy education with local communities and other interested stakeholders. Likewise the Council will core fund ALI Energy at the existing level of funding support. Any alterations to this will require the prior authorisation of the Council’s Strategic Policy Committee.
iv. The exploration of the potential for an Argyll and Bute -wide fund which will draw resources from large-scale wind farm and other renewable energy developments in order to ensure that the entire community of Argyll and Bute benefits from renewable energy. This fund will help promote additional work through ALI Energy, in particular to facilitate small-scale renewable energy and energy efficiency projects within communities, along with the joint promotion of green energy measures to the domestic and business sectors.
v. The co-ordination of all of the above with ongoing initiatives in sustainable energy in Argyll and Bute.
The above terms are indicative of the parties’ intention to work together on renewable energy initiatives in Argyll and Bute in a spirit of partnership. Accordingly the terms shall not be legally binding upon the parties.
The duration of the Strategic Partnership shall be two years from the last date of signing unless terminated by either party giving to the other four weeks written notice of their intent to withdraw. The Partnership’s success will be assessed at that time and if it has proven to be of mutual benefit, the partnership will be continued. For the avoidance of doubt, no legally binding partnership is being created.
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