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Draft PPS18: Renewable Energy
Annex 3 Case Studies: Altahullion Wind Farm – Renewable Energy Systems (RES) Group

3.2 Altahullion Wind Farm, between Dungiven and Limavady, began generating in 2003. The developers, RES Ltd and B9 Energy Services Ltd, designed a community fund in order that the wind farm could make a longer-term contribution to local community activities, promoting local social sustainability as well as global environmental sustainability. The Fund arrangements were included in the sale of Altahullion Wind Farm to the now owner RES-GEN Ltd, which has taken on responsibility for the Fund.
3.3 The Fund is divided equally between three community groups local to the wind farm, all of which are registered charities. The groups were chosen due to their proximity to the wind farm and following consultation with the local community and their representatives.

Management of the Fund

3.4 The arrangements for the Fund have been formalised in an agreement between Altahullion Wind Farm and the three groups. Subject to the terms and conditions in the agreement, Altahullion Wind Farm makes available the Funds to the community groups by way of one annual payment to each group in each of the nine years from to 2004 to 2012 (inclusive).The company’s obligation to make each annual contribution is subject to the Funds not being used for any activity deemed to be for political or religious objectives or deemed to be adverse to the interests of the wind farm; and each community group receiving payment of the Funds not ceasing to function as a Community Group.
3.5 28 days before the payment date in each year, each of the community groups furnishes Altahullion Wind Farm with a receipts and payments document in respect of the application of the Funds during the previous year.
3.6 Examples of initiatives that the Fund has contributed towards to date include:
  • Creation of a new community riverside pathway and footbridge
  • Entertainment activities for family fun days
  • Summer schemes for local children
  • Maintenance and running of community buildings
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