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Draft PPS18: Renewable Energy
Annex 1 Wind Energy Planning Issues: Ground Water Conditions/Geology

A71. In assessing wind energy developments, the underlying geology is an important factor. Information on the following issues should be submitted as part of a planning application to enable adequate assessment of the impact of the proposed wind energy development and any mitigating measures proposed to counter the impacts:
  • A geological assessment of the locality;
  • A geotechnical assessment of the overburden and bedrock;
  • A landslide and slope stability risk assessment for the site for all stages of the project, with proposed mitigation measures whereappropriate (this should also consider the possible effects of storage of excavated material);
  • An assessment of whether the development could create a bog burst or landslide hazard;
  • Location of the site in relation to any area or site that has been identified as an important geological site or area and the potential impacts of the proposal on the geological resource.
  • Location of the site in relation to areas of significant mineral or aggregate potential;
  • An assessment of any potential impacts of the development on groundwater; and
  • Details of any borrow-pits proposed on site should be shown on the planning application and details given where blasting is proposed, such as on the avoidance and remediation of land slippage (if so are there any impacts discussed or mitigation methods proposed).
A72. In order to ensure that the above issues have been fully addressed, a developer should consult with the Geological Survey of Northern Ireland Opens link in a new browser window and obtain professional advice/source reports from suitably qualified geotechnical engineers, engineering geologists or geologists as appropriate. If upland sites are proposed, the application should be accompanied by a statement from a geologist, a hydro-geologist or an engineer with expertise in soil mechanics.
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