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Draft PPS18: Renewable Energy
Annex 1 Energy from Waste (Thermal Processes) Planning Issues: Siting Issues

D22. The siting of an Energy from Waste plant is likely to be influenced by the following factors:
  • the source of the waste;
  • the economic implications of transporting the waste;
  • site access; and,
  • proposed energy use, the availability of local heat markets and ease of connection to the electricity distribution network.
D23. In general, waste treatment and disposal operations are characterised to a large extent by the high volume of materials entering and exiting the site. In order to minimise the adverse environmental effects of transporting waste, they should, wherever possible, be located close to the waste source. The optimum locations for most MSW and business waste plants are therefore likely to be in or very close to urban areas.
D24. The Department will take into account the waste management plans being drawn up for the Region. These should identify the spare capacity at existing plants, sites for new waste management plants, or areas of search for new sites. They should also set out the land-use criteria against which planning applications for new waste management development will be assessed.
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