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Draft PPS18: Renewable Energy
Annex 1 Small Hydro Technology: The Context

E15. High head hydro sites require a significant fall and a significant proportion of river flow. Development is therefore likely to take place in hilly or mountainous areas, many of which may be of landscape or nature conservation interest. This can be a potential barrier to small hydro development although careful consideration of all the benefits and disbenefits of a development is required. Small hydro schemes are costly to build and the scale of the development must be consistent with the amount of energy produced. The developer therefore needs to make the best use of any site in terms of water abstraction. EHS Water Management Unit will put stringent controls on the water abstraction regime, particularly where nature conservation interests are evident, and negotiations are required between all parties at an early stage in order to reach an acceptable solution.
E16. The built elements of small hydro schemes are small and usually of a scale in keeping with the river valleys in which they are sited.
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