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Draft PPS18: Renewable Energy
Annex 1 Energy from Waste (Biological Processes) Technology: Electricity Generation

C33. LFG can be used to generate electricity via a number of generation systems, including spark ignition gas engines, dual fuel engines (in conjunction with diesel) and gas turbines. These technologies are now very well established. There is also the potential to generate electricity from landfill gas using fuel cells, but this is less well established at present.
C34. The electricity generation plant tends to be located at or near the landfill site to minimise the need to pipe the gas over great distances. The generation equipment is usually integrated with the gas extraction plant, in a compound typically 25m x 25m in size.
C35. The degree of shelter required depends on the type of equipment installed. The gas extraction pumps and conditioning equipment might be in the open air, under an open sided roof, or in a building along with the generator. Most engines with their generators are supplied in weatherproof prefabricated containers (typically 3m high, 2.5m wide and 10m long), which are fixed onto a concrete plinth. Transformers, switchgear, control panels and instrumentation are housed away from any gas handling plant in separate rooms or buildings.
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