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Draft PPS18: Renewable Energy
Annex 1 Energy from Waste (Biological Processes) Planning Issues: Landfill Gas

Site selection

C51. LFG plant should be located away from housing and other sensitive land uses, for reasons of safety and amenity. In practice this separation will rarely be difficult to achieve, given the large scale of landfill sites and the fact that they are generally situated away from residential areas.
C52. The visual impact of a landfill gas generation scheme may be relatively insignificant if it is co-located with other activities such as waste disposal on a site adjacent to a completed landfill. If, alternatively, extraction and landfill works have ended and the site is undergoing restoration, the Department may wish to consider the need for mitigating measures to reduce any visual intrusion caused by the plant.

Odour and emissions

C53. The statutory definition of the combustion process specifies that “fuel" does not include gas produced by the biological degradation of waste”. As such, the emissions from typical LFG plant are not currently regulated. Landfill gas fuelled generators may be regulated under EU stationary engines regulations in the near future. This is expected to result in a tightening of emissions limits.
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