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Draft PPS18: Renewable Energy
Annex 1 Energy from Waste (Biological Processes): Information to Accompany a Planning Application

Anaerobic Digestion

C54. A planning application for an anaerobic digestion plant could usefully include the following:
  • site plan and elevation drawings to help determine visual impact;
  • photomontage of digester, plant building(s) and chimney stack with clear indication of building material;
  • information on grid connection works, including transformer and transmission lines;
  • details of emissions to air and an assessment of their impact;
  • details of vehicular access and vehicular movement;
  • landscaping provisions;
  • site management measures during the construction phase;
  • model of emissions dispersion; and,
  • community consultation plans.

Sewage Gas

C55. An application for a sewage digestion plant could, in addition to the above, include reference to the existing wastewater treatment plant.

Landfill Gas

C56. An application for a landfill gas plant could, in addition to the information listed above, note that the LFG plant would require the addition of a powerhouse to a typical landfill site.

Environmental Impact Assessment

C57. Developments that use waste to produce energy may require EIA. Such projects could fall within projects listed in Schedule 2.3 and/or 2.11 to the Planning (Environmental Impact Assessment) Regulations (Northern Ireland) 1999 . Opens link in a new browser window
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