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Draft PPS18: Renewable Energy
Annex 1 Active Solar (Photovoltaics) Technology: Types of System

F9. Stand-alone systems: PV is widely used to provide power for communications systems, domestic dwellings and monitoring systems either in remote areas or locations where connection to the grid is expensive or otherwise problematic, e.g. certain road signage. Elsewhere in the UK, the use of PV to provide energy for lighting of telephone kiosks in rural areas, bus shelter lighting, remote traffic monitoring, and railway trackside signalling is increasing as it is almost always more cost-effective than new connections to the grid.
F10. Grid-connected schemes: In grid-connected solar PV systems Northern Ireland Electricity (NIE) Supply business offer a Sell and Buy Back Contract that enables NIE to offer small generators a payment for both the NIROCs (Northern Ireland Renewable Obligation Certificates) on accredited generation and for electricity that is exported. Other contractual arrangements are available through Second Tier Suppliers. Further information is available on the NIE website Opens link in a new browser window.
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