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PPS 17: Control of Outdoor Advertisements
Policy and Legislative Context: Standard Conditions

2.9 Under the provisions of the Advertisement Regulations all advertisements whether requiring the Department’s express consent or not, with one minor exception3 are automatically subject to the following standard conditions:
  1. Any advertisements displayed, and any site used for the display of advertisements, shall be maintained in a clean and tidy condition to the reasonable satisfaction of the Department.
  2. Any structure or hoarding erected or used principally for the purpose of displaying advertisements shall be maintained in a safe condition.
  3. Where an advertisement is required to be removed under the Advertisement Regulations, the removal shall be carried out to the reasonable satisfaction of the Department.
  4. No advertisement may be displayed without the permission of the owner of the site or any other person with an interest in the site entitled to grant permission.
  5. No advertisement may be displayed on or so as to obscure, or hinder the ready interpretation of, any road traffic sign, railway signal or aid to navigation by water or air, or so as otherwise to render hazardous the use of any road, railway, waterway (including coastal waters) or aerodrome (civil or military).
3 Standard condition 4 does not apply to Class F or G advertisements contained within the Regulations. These are election posters or advertisements required to be displayed by Parliament.
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