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PPS 17: Control of Outdoor Advertisements
Policy and Legislative Context: Legislative Arrangements for the Control of Advertisements

2.3 Article 67 of the Planning (Northern Ireland) Order 1991 requires the Department to make provision, by regulations, for restricting or regulating the display of advertisements so far as it appears to the Department to be expedient in the interests of amenity or public safety. The Planning (Control of Advertisements) Regulations (Northern Ireland) 1992 as amended is the relevant statutory rule.
2.4 Under the Regulations some types of advertisement are exempt from control by the Department provided certain conditions are met1. Examples include election posters and most non-illuminated advertisements displayed inside shops.
2.5 Other specified categories of advertisement are deemed to be granted by the Regulations, commonly referred to as ‘deemed consent’, provided they conform to the stated limitations for each category and a schedule of standard conditions2. Examples include small plaques on business premises and certain fascia signs.
2.6 All other advertisements require the Department’s express consent, commonly referred as consent to display an advertisement.
2.7 Article 84 of the Planning Order states that it is an offence to display an advertisement in contravention of the Advertisement Regulations. Further information on this matter together with advice on the Department’s position regarding the enforcement of advertisement control is set out in Annex B.
1 The Planning (Control of Advertisements) Regulations (NI) 1992 Schedule 2
2 The Planning (Control of Advertisements) Regulations (NI) 1992 Schedule 3. It should also be noted that the Regulations provide the Department with the power to make a direction withdrawing "deemed consent".
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