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PPS 17: Control of Outdoor Advertisements
Annex B: An Unacceptable Breach of Advertisement Control

6. Where the Department is satisfied that an unacceptable breach of advertisement control has occurred, a warning letter 6 will normally be served on one or more of the aforementioned persons liable for prosecution (see paragraph 2 above). The warning letter will clearly set out the steps to be taken and time limit for the removal of the unauthorised advertisement. Failure to comply with the contents of the warning letter will result in prosecution.
7. It should be noted that where an application for advertisement consent is submitted following a warning letter, this of itself will not prevent the Department from pursuing prosecution.
8. Furthermore, certain situations may arise where the Department considers it expedient to move straight to prosecution proceedings without warning.
6 All references to service of a warning letter will not preclude service by fax or other electronic means.
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