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PPS 17: Control of Outdoor Advertisements
Annex B: Mobile Advertisements

9. The display of an advertisement stationed on a trailer or other mobile equipment, which is principally used, or designed or adapted principally for use, for the display of advertisements, without the express consent of the Department is a breach of advertisement control.
10. Such unauthorised mobile advertising is often sited close to the roadside and can have serious implications for road safety. It can cause distraction to drivers and impede visibility. In addition it is generally visually intrusive and can significantly detract from amenity.
11. The Department has encountered problems in taking effective action against such signage. There is generally nothing that can assist the Department in identifying the person, business or company responsible for the trailer, equipment or apparatus used for displaying the advertisement. Additionally, because these can quickly be moved to an alternative location, in an attempt to evade enforcement action, this can hinder effective enforcement action against landowners.
12. Accordingly, in the case of unauthorised mobile advertisements, the Department intends to focus enforcement action on the person, business or company being given publicity by the advertisement.
13. A warning letter, as described in paragraph 6 above, will normally be served on the person, business or company being advertised. In addition to its normal contents, the letter shall advise that the Department will take the view that should the advertisement be moved to another location, without the requisite consent, the person, business or company will subsequently be liable to court action on this matter without further warning/notification by the Department.
14. The Department's approach to the enforcement of mobile advertisements will apply equally in circumstances where the wheels may have been removed from a trailer or other mobile equipment where the advertisement is displayed.
15. In addition to planning legislation, there are separate provisions within roads legislation for the control of advertisements (see paragraph 2.10). Where an advertisement is displayed in breach of the roads legislation the Department for Regional Development Roads Service may also instigate the appropriate enforcement action.
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