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PPS 17: Control of Outdoor Advertisements
Annex A: Signs at Filling Stations and on Forecourts

29. Signage at filling stations usually comprises a combination of a canopy, a pole/pylon, and shop fascia signage together with a number of smaller forecourt signs. In view of the range of signs involved there is often potential for their cumulative effect to result in clutter. To help prevent this a co-ordinated approach should be taken when bringing forward proposals, particularly where existing signage is being replaced.
30. Particular care is needed in assessing proposals for illuminated advertisements at filling stations located adjacent to or near residential properties.
Design Guidelines:
  • all signs should be in scale with their surroundings and not detract from the amenity of the surrounding area;
  • illumination should generally be restricted to the sign lettering and logo; and
  • freestanding signs should be located so as not to interfere with or obstruct sightlines.
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