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PPS 17: Control of Outdoor Advertisements
Annex A: Signs at Retail and Business Parks

27. In retail parks and business parks the uncoordinated display of advance advertisements or ad hoc directional signs to individual businesses, which bears no direct relationship to the building, land or structure upon which it is displayed is often confusing, untidy and detrimental to the appearance of an area.
28. There is great potential for all advertising associated with retail or business parks to be undertaken in a planned and co-ordinated manner. Ideally the fascia signs for individual premises should form an integral part of the building, while a single carefully designed directory board located at the entrance to the park or in other acceptable locations can avoid a proliferation of advance signs.
Design Guidelines
  • all new buildings in a retail or business park should incorporate a signing zone as part of the design;
  • fascia and projecting signs should be in scale with the host building and surrounding buildings and be consistent across the whole unit; and
  • advance signage should be provided in the form of a combined directory board within a proposed or existing landscaped area designed and integrated as one scheme.
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