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PPS 17: Control of Outdoor Advertisements
Annex A: Pylon and Pole Mounted Signs

31. Pylon and pole mounted signs are a common feature at petrol filling stations. Increasingly they are found in association with drive-through restaurants, supermarkets, retail warehousing, retail parks and car showrooms.
32. The height, size and levels of illumination of these signs may result in visual intrusion within the locality where they are situated. They can be extremely dominant over long distances and detract not only from the character and appearance of the area in which they are sited but also that of the area from which they are viewed. In addition where they are proposed close to residential properties they can be detrimental to amenities enjoyed by local residents.
Design Guidelines
  • pylon and pole mounted signs should be in scale with their surroundings and they should not significantly exceed surrounding building heights;
  • they should not detract from the visual amenity or character of the surrounding area;
  • they should not be sited adjacent to, and wherever possible should not directly face residential properties; and
  • illumination should generally be restricted to the sign lettering and logo.
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