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PPS 15: Planning and Flood Risk
Policy Context: Other Government Strategies

2.9 The policies in this Statement are consistent with the guiding principles of sustainable development expressed in the recently published Northern Ireland Sustainable Development Strategy (2006 Opens link in a new browser window). In addition they take cognisance of climate change, natural resource protection and sustainable community matters which are identified as priority areas for action in the Strategy.
2.10 In preparing the PPS, consideration has also been given to a number of other Government Strategies. These include the Northern Ireland River Conservation Strategy (2001) published by the Environment and Heritage Service Opens link in a new browser window and the Northern Ireland Biodiversity Strategy (2002) Opens link in a new browser window published by the Northern Ireland Executive Opens link in a new browser window.
2.11 The River Conservation Strategy Opens link in a new browser window seeks to expand the traditional focus of attention from water quality to encompass the conservation of river and river corridor "naturalness". Its primary objective is to protect, conserve and enhance the natural and built heritage of our rivers and facilitate their sustainable use. The key aim of the Biodiversity Strategy is to protect and enhance landscape, wildlife habitat and species.
2.12 Account has also been taken of the Policy and Practice for the Protection of Flood Plains in Relation to Development formulated by the Department of Agriculture and Rural Development's Rivers Agency Opens link in a new browser window and the Agency's Flood Management Strategy. Amongst the objectives of these documents are:
  • to maintain and enhance the role of flood plains in the conveyance and storage of flood water;
  • to prevent development which would be at risk from flooding;
  • to restrict development that would directly or indirectly increase the risk of flooding to other properties; and
  • to ensure a strategic approach on issues such as flood defence asset management, emergency planning and response, and dealing with flood risk.
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