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PPS 15: Planning and Flood Risk
Annex C: The Future for Sustainable Drainage Systems in Northern Ireland

C11 At present there remains a limited pool of experience in using sustainable drainage systems in Northern Ireland.
C12 The Department's Environment and Heritage Service has been charged with the responsibility of meeting a range of the Water Framework Directive requirements, some of which imply the wider application of SuDs. To this end a Government Steering Group has been set up to examine their potential benefits and commissioned research on their applicability and implementation in the Northern Ireland situation. The findings of this research will assist in improving our understanding of the techniques, their applicability in Northern Ireland and the roles of the various agencies and undertakers in facilitating their integration into the development process.
C13 While awaiting the final research report our current understanding suggests that the use of appropriately scaled and supported SuDs can, in the right circumstances, offer developers the opportunity to proceed with developments which would otherwise be refused because of the increased flood risk they would pose.
C14 However, where the use of SuDs would facilitate development that might otherwise be refused, consent will not be granted without appropriate guarantees on the management and maintenance necessary to ensure that they will function effectively for the life of the development proposed.
C15 It is anticipated that the research findings will inform the way forward and facilitate the formulation of a policy on the use of SuDs which can be incorporated as an addendum to this Statement or as part of the planned review within 5 years.
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