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Policy CTY 5

Policy CTY 5 – Replacement Dwellings

Listed Dwellings

There is a presumption in favour of the retention of buildings listed as being of special architectural or historic interest. Planning permission will not therefore be granted for the replacement of a listed dwelling unless there are exceptional circumstances.

Non- listed Vernacular Dwellings

A presumption in favour of the retention of non-listed vernacular dwellings in the countryside will also be operated. Proposals involving the replacement of such dwellings will therefore be assessed as follows:
  • If the dwelling is an important element in the landscape planning permission will only be granted where it is demonstrated that it is not reasonably capable of being made structurally sound or otherwise improved.
  • If the dwelling is not an important element in the landscape, planning permission will be granted for a new dwelling where the existing structure is retained and appropriately incorporated into the new development scheme.

Other Dwellings

Planning permission will be granted for a replacement dwelling where the proposed replacement would not have a visual impact significantly greater than the existing dwelling.

All Replacement Cases

In addition to the above, proposals for a replacement dwelling will only be permitted where all the following criteria are met:
  • the proposed replacement dwelling is sited within the established curtilage of the existing dwelling, unless either (a) the curtilage is so restricted that it could not reasonably accommodate a modest sized dwelling or (b) it can be demonstrated that an alternative position nearby would result in clear landscape, heritage, access or amenity benefits;
  • the overall size of the new dwelling allows it to integrate into the surrounding landscape and its design is appropriate to its rural setting and has regard to local distinctiveness and vernacular styles; and
  • in the case of a proposal involving replacement of a vacant or unoccupied building, it is demonstrated by the applicant that the property is, or was last lawfully used as, a dwelling house and that the residential use has not been abandoned.
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