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Draft PPS14 Sustainable Development in the Countryside
Policy CTY 3: Justification & Amplification

4.32 Farming families have had a key role in sustaining the rural community, often over many generations. Where a farmer is retiring from agriculture or dies, planning permission may be granted for a house on the farm, to enable the farmer or their surviving partner to continue to live on that land.
4.33 Retirement in itself will not justify an additional dwelling on a farm holding. The future of the holding and the existing farmhouse are important considerations. It must therefore be demonstrated that there is a need for an additional dwelling in order to facilitate the orderly transfer or sale of the farm.
4.34 Information on the farming activities and the applicant’s or deceased’s part in them will be required. It will not be sufficient to have been involved in farming on a part-time basis, in the evening and at week-ends, or to have received the main income from full-time employment outside agriculture.
4.35 It will not be necessary for a farm retirement dwelling to be integrated with the existing farm buildings, although, on some occasions, this can be an acceptable solution, particularly when a farm is being transferred within the family and the farmer wishes to retain a working link with the holding. The new dwelling will however need to integrate into the surrounding landscape and not cause a detrimental change to the rural character of the area (see Policies CTY 10-12).
4.36 Planning permission granted under this policy will be subject to a condition restricting the occupation of the dwelling.
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