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PPS 11: Planning and Waste Management
Policy WM 2: Waste Separation and Recycling

7.4 Waste separation and recycling facilities may range from small community schemes to multi-stream separation, material recovery facilities. Also included is the recycling of construction and demolition waste. The potential impacts of modern facilities may be limited but noise, dust, odour and other emissions are likely to require careful consideration as is the heavy goods traffic generated by such facilities. Due to the industrial nature of commercial facilities suitable sites are port and docklands, general industrial areas, within a hard rock quarry or where the impact of the operations will not have a detrimental effect on residential amenity or the environment. An applicant may also seek to demonstrate that other material considerations should be taken into account, such as the reuse of previously developed, derelict or contaminated land or the use of existing or redundant buildings.
7.5 Larger commercial facilities can require significant site areas to facilitate operations, on site parking and traffic circulation. They should also be well located in terms of access to the catchment area and to the main traffic system as the processes involved include separation and bulking up of material for onward delivery. Sites in the vicinity of residential areas can give rise to householder complaints about traffic, noise, dust and visual untidiness.
7.6 Eco-Parks are industrial sites where collected or locally generated waste is treated and converted into secondary materials and energy for use in purposely adjacent industry. Existing industrial locations may be suitable locations for such facilities.
7.7 In the case of community schemes careful location and good access, proper screening and on site parking can significantly reduce environmental problems. Whilst the provision of bring banks by private operators will require permission on a stand alone basis, they may be suitably located within a larger development such as a retail centre or business park, where they may be deemed to be ancillary to the main land use. The Department will assess the provision of bring banks on a case-by-case basis to ascertain whether they can be considered as “permitted development” under the Planning (General Development) Order 1993. In all cases, developers should submit sufficient plans and details of bring banks to allow a determination under Article 41 of the Planning (Northern Ireland) Order 1991.
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