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PPS 11: Planning and Waste Management
Waste Management Strategy: Regional Self Sufficiency

1.24 Self sufficiency is a central tenet of EC legislation which requires all member states to apply this principle in their waste management practices at national level, and, as far as practicable, also at regional and sub-regional levels. The UK’s commitment to self sufficiency at the national level is outlined in the UK Management Plan for Exports and Imports of Waste 3.
1.25 As with the proximity principle most waste should be treated and managed within the region in which it is generated provided there are no unacceptable adverse effects - on people, the environment or transportation systems. The principle of regional self sufficiency cannot always be rigidly applied given that commercial considerations may override boundary issues. Also it may not be feasible or practical to treat certain wastes (e.g. special or hazardous wastes) close to its source of arising or within the region in which it is generated. The relevant WMP should be consulted for more information on this issue.
3 United Kingdom Management Plans for Exports and Imports of Waste, HMSO 1996 (under review).
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