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PPS 11: Planning and Waste Management
Introduction: Strategic Context and General Principles

1.3 The Northern Ireland Executive’s Programme for Government seeks to ensure that the principle of sustainable development underpins all government policy and it is one of the key themes underlying the Department’s approach to planning. It can be described as “development that meets the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs” 1 . Reducing, recycling and the safe management of waste is a continuing priority for the Executive.
1.4 Relevant EC Directives, the Regional Development Strategy (RDS), and the Department’s Waste Management Strategy for Northern Ireland (WMS) provide a strong directional framework and context for this Planning Policy Statement. The Northern Ireland Executive and national government are committed to implementing a number of Directives on waste (see Annex C). These comprise an emerging legal framework that sets out how waste must be planned for and managed in Northern Ireland. Changes in the legal, environmental and technological context require new aims, objectives and priorities to achieve sustainable waste management. They also require new attitudes, approaches and solutions across all sectors to set in train the radical change required in the management of waste. Responsibility for the sustainable management of waste does not lie solely with the Department of the Environment. It is shared by everyone – government departments and agencies, District Councils, the business sector, voluntary bodies, and by individual citizens, in this context, as generators of waste. The framework is set out in the WMS. It identifies the need for a partnership approach involving a wide range of organisations, the general public and individuals. This PPS will not therefore achieve the changes required alone but it can make an important contribution in this partnership approach.
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