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PPS 11: Planning and Waste Management
Introduction: Regional Development Strategy

1.7 Shaping our Future: The Regional Development Strategy for Northern Ireland 2025 (RDS) provides an overarching, strategic policy framework to guide the future development of Northern Ireland to 2025. The strategy aims to promote a balanced and equitable pattern of sustainable development across Northern Ireland.
1.8 The RDS promotes the development of a Waste Management Strategy for Northern Ireland and sets the following guidelines for the development of policy for waste management, for the location of waste treatment and for waste disposal facilities:
Strategic Planning Guideline; Environment 5.4 (SPG - ENV 5.4) Promote the Waste Management Strategy for Northern Ireland:
  • work in partnership with industry to create an economy based on sustainable waste management practices, supporting and influencing opportunities for reducing the amount of waste generated;
  • provide an extensive network of recycling, recovery and secondary materials manufacturing facilities, and develop an integrated regional network of a limited number of landfill sites, closely related to the key transport corridors to minimise environmental impacts on residential neighbourhoods and tranquil rural areas; and
  • locate waste treatment facilities on a limited number of key sites conveniently related to the major centres of urban waste production.
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