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PPS 11: Planning and Waste Management
Development Plans

4.1 During the process of development plan preparation, District Council waste management groups may wish to discuss with the Department the likely extent of future waste management facilities for the particular plan area. As a result, particular sites for the development of waste management facilities may be identified together with the need for appropriate waste management facilities associated with new development.
4.2 Development plans will also consider the potential impact of existing or approved waste management facilities when zoning adjoining lands for other forms of development and the need to separate incompatible land uses.
4.3 There are specific requirements in respect of polluting and potentially polluting uses, and special or hazardous wastes. The COMAH Directive (EU Directive 96/82/EC) came into force on 3rd February 1999 and requires development plans to consider the location of hazardous installations. Specifically, development plans must consider the need to maintain an appropriate distance between establishments where hazardous substances are present and residential areas, areas of public use or areas of nature conservation interest.
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