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PPS 11: Planning and Waste Management
Annex A - Planning Conditions

A1 When planning permission is given for waste management, the Department will often impose conditions or negotiate agreements in respect of matters that include, as appropriate, the following:
  1. transport modes, access and routing arrangements, and the volume of traffic generated;
  2. the hours of operation where these may have an impact on neighbouring land-use;
  3. the level of noise;
  4. the physical nature of waste acceptable or excluded, insofar as this might affect local amenity or neighbouring land-use;
  5. landscaping;
  6. plant and buildings;
  7. ancillary development;
  8. the timescale of the operations and any phasing of uses on a site;
  9. minimising nuisance from dust, birds, vermin, or litter;
  10. the historic environment, industrial heritage and archaeological remains;
  11. the protection of surface and underground water;
  12. removal, handling and preservation of topsoil and subsoil, and their replacement at the restoration stage;
  13. precautionary measures against the risks of sites suffering from or causing land instability;
  14. landscaping of operational areas and facilities;
  15. the area to be filled;
  16. restoration and aftercare;
  17. parking and servicing arrangements, and
  18. any other significant impact on the environment or human health.
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