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PPS 10: Telecommunications
Background Information: Implications for Planning

3.8 With continued growth in demand for the use of telecommunications and anticipated changes to the nature of the industry, it is envisaged that the following trends will have specific and general implications for planning:
  • demand for additional 2G base stations will continue – in order to facilitat the continuing roll-out of the 2G mobile networks and as existing cells are divided to provide additional capacity, typically with smaller lower powered antennas;  
  • demand for 3G base stations will increase significantly – in order to facilitate the roll-out of the 3G mobile networks. It is estimated that 3G may require potentially 3-4 times as many base stations as 2G services (possibly in excess of 60,000 sites throughout the UK). A proportion of the 3G apparatus will be accommodated by sharing existing 2G structures;  
  • demand for Fixed Radio Access (FRA) base stations may increase significantly – particularly following the recent auction of the spectrum by the Government. Similar to the 3G networks this will require many more base stations; and  
  • demand for other radio systems may increase requiring the provision of base stations.
3.9 New base station development is likely to be concentrated in urban areas and along main transport corridors. Given the potential for advances in technology it is also envisaged that the design and appearance of telecommunications apparatus (including masts, antennas, equipment housing etc) will improve over time.
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