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PPS 10: Telecommunications
Background Information: Social and Educational Benefits

3.4 Modern telecommunications offer a number of valuable social and educational benefits. They can help to promote social inclusion by providing opportunities to participate in work, learning and society generally. The growth in mobile phone usage, including text messaging, has enabled people to keep in touch more easily with friends and family. Mobile phones also have an important role in enhancing personal safety, for example, by facilitating contact with the emergency services, who themselves rely on mobile communications. Both mobile and fixed radio services can be of particular benefit in some rural areas where landlines may not be practical or commercially viable.
3.5 The educational, shopping, entertainment and information services available through the Internet are already popular. The introduction of the new 3G mobile and broadband radio systems will allow far more data to be transmitted quickly and facilitate the introduction of a new range of services both to mobile and fixed link customers, such as video conferencing and multi-media applications.
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