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PPS 9: The Enforcement of Planning Control
Unauthorised development by private householders

8.1 Householders may exercise their permitted development rights under the General Development Order to undertake certain minor works to a dwellinghouse but should satisfy themselves that these rights have been exercised correctly. As indicated in paragraph 2.1 an application can be made to the Department under Article 41 of the 1991 Planning Order to determine whether a proposal requires planning permission.
8.2 On occasions however, the specified limitations for permitted development may be exceeded. In these cases the Department, in considering whether it is expedient to take enforcement action, will have full regard to what would have been permitted if the development had been carried out in strict accordance with the relevant provisions of the General Development Order.
8.3 The Department will not normally take enforcement action in order to remedy only a slight variation in excess of what would have been permitted by virtue of the provisions of the General Development Order. In such cases the advice set out in sections 4 and 5 above will apply.
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