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PPS 9: The Enforcement of Planning Control
Additional planning controls and enforcement: Appeals

15.1 Appeals may be made against certain notices which may be issued by the Department in the process of taking enforcement action. These include the following:
  • an appeal against a notice requiring the submission of a planning application;
  • an appeal against a notice requiring the submission of an application for consent to display of an advertisement;
  • an appeal against an enforcement notice and associated deemed applications;
  • an appeal against a listed building enforcement notice;
  • an appeal against an enforcement notice served in respect of unauthorised demolition in a conservation area;
  • an appeal against a hazardous substances contravention notice;
  • an appeal against a notice for the non-compliance with conditions imposed on a tree preservation order consent for the replanting of a tree or trees;
15.2 Where an appeal is brought the relevant notice shall be of no effect pending the final determination or the withdrawal of the appeal. The grounds on which any of these appeals may be made are predominantly set out in the 1991 Planning Order.
15.3 All such appeals should be made to the Planning Appeals Commission, a statutory body independent of the Department. Further information on the requirements regarding the appeal process, including the Commission’s guide, “Enforcement Notice Appeals” can be obtained from Divisional Planning Offices (see Annex B) or from:
The Planning Appeals Commission,
Park House,
87/91 Great Victoria Street,
BT2 7AG,
Tel: (028) 9024 4710
Fax: (028) 9031 2536
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