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PPS 7 (Addendum): Residential Extensions and Alterations

1.1 Extensions or alterations are one of the most common changes made to our homes to cater for our changing domestic requirements. In some cases it is possible to carry out a small extension or make an alteration to a dwelling house without applying for planning permission, provided you meet specific requirements. This is known as ‘permitted development’ and more detailed information on this matter is set out in Annex B.
Please note
An extension to a flat or a residential property in multiple occupancy does not benefit from permitted development rights.
1.2 The Department recognises the value of extensions and alterations in improving residential property as this not only leads to the modernisation and revitalisation of older stock, but can also reduce demand for more land for new homes. It is also acknowledged that extensions may be required in some instances to bring a house up to a standard that provides the minimum amenities for modern day living.
1.3 For the individual homeowner, altering or extending the home can offer the desirable option of providing accommodation to meet the needs of their family. However, this needs to be balanced with consideration of the impact of such works on residential amenity and the character and appearance of the individual property and its wider surroundings. There may also be occasions where existing residential properties were not originally designed to be extended or have already been extended to their limit.
The key objectives of this Addendum are:
  • to promote high quality in the design of residential extensions and alterations; and
  • to ensure that such works are sympathetic to the original property; respect the character of the local area; and protect neighbouring residential amenity.  
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