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PPS 7 (Addendum): Residential Extensions and Alterations
Annex A: Landscape

A39 Landscaping is a vital consideration for all development and should form an integral part of any proposal. Landscaping can create a high quality setting, help integrate new development into its surroundings and assist the promotion of biodiversity of native species or other species characteristic of a particular area.
A40 Proposals for landscaping should therefore always be considered as part of any application for an extension. The retention of existing trees, hedges and other significant landscape features will often be an important element in this and will usually help to reduce the impact of an extension on the character of the surrounding area more readily than walls or fences. Where important trees and landscape features exist within a site, care should be taken that extensions are not sited too close to them. Best practice in relation to this matter can be found in the publication ‘Trees and Development’ co-sponsored by the Department, the Forest of Belfast and the Construction Employers’ Federation. To ensure that full account is taken of existing trees and landscape features within the residential curtilage, such features should, as part of a planning application, be  accurately detailed on a site survey map in accordance with British Standards BS 5837 (2005) ‘Trees in Relation to Construction’. Where it is proposed that existing trees or significant landscape features are to be removed, the layout plan should indicate proposals for compensatory planting.
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