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PPS 7 (Addendum): Residential Extensions and Alterations
Annex A: Context and Design: The Countryside

A24 The impact of an extension or alteration on the visual amenity of the countryside and, in particular, Areas of Outstanding Natural Beauty needs to be considered.  Proposals should be in keeping with the character of the existing property and its countryside setting. Through poor design the individual and cumulative effect of extensions and alterations which are disproportionate in size to the existing property, or which require the use of land outside the established curtilage of the property, will result in a detrimental change to rural character.
A25 Many rural dwellings occupy larger plots than their urban counterparts.  Whilst there may be sufficient room on the plot to accommodate an extension in physical terms, great sensitivity is required to ensure the proposal integrates with the existing dwelling and surrounding landscape. In assessing the potential impact of development in the countryside, particular regard will be paid to the quality and nature of the landscape in the locality and at the particular site.
A26 The suburban boundary treatment of walls or fences and the introduction of ornate pillars are inappropriate in the rural landscape and will be resisted.
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