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PPS 7: Quality Residential Environments
Policy QD 2:  Additional Information

4.49 Advice and guidance on site appraisal and the type of information that will be required to accompany Concept Master Plans and Design Concept Statements is contained in ‘Creating Places – Achieving Quality in Residential Developments’. Developers may also find helpful the information contained in ‘Improving the Quality of Housing Layouts in Northern Ireland’ 1.
4.50 The submission of a Design Concept Statement or a Concept Master Plan will not preclude the need for other detailed assessments or information in support of a planning application, for example a Transport Assessment or an Environmental Impact Assessment.
4.51 The Department will use its powers contained in the Planning (General Development) Order (Northern Ireland) 1993 to request applicants to supply such additional information as is considered necessary to allow proper determination of planning applications. Where the Department grants outline planning permission for residential development based on indicative plans, a condition will be imposed requiring that any reserved matters application be based broadly on such plans.
1 'Improving the Quality of Housing Layouts in Northern Ireland' is a document co-sponsored by the Planning Service, the Roads Service, the Northern Ireland Housing Executive and the Construction Employers' Federation and was published in May 2000.
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