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PPS 7: Quality Residential Environments
Policy QD 2

Policy QD 2 Design Concept Statements, Concept Master Plans and Comprehensive Planning
The Department will require the submission of a Design Concept Statement, or where appropriate a Concept Master Plan, to accompany all planning applications for residential development.
A Concept Master Plan will be required for planning applications involving:
  • 300 dwellings or more; or
  • the development, in part or full, of sites of 15 hectares or more zoned for housing in development plans; or
  • housing development on any other site of 15 hectares or more.
In the case of proposals for the partial development of a site zoned for housing the Concept Master Plan will be expected to demonstrate how the comprehensive planning of the entire zoned area is to be undertaken.
Any proposal for housing that would result in unsatisfactory piecemeal development will not be permitted, even on land identified for residential use in a development plan.

Justification and Amplification

4.41 The Quality Initiative demands a design-led approach in which the quality and sustainability of the development is as important as the nature of the site itself. Such an approach brings important benefits by establishing the parameters and requirements for the delivery of a quality residential environment early in the planning process.
4.42 The submission of Design Concept Statements and, where appropriate, Concept Master Plans will therefore be required to support all planning applications for residential development. Such information is necessary to accompany outline as well as full planning applications, to show how the developer will deliver a quality residential environment on a particular site. It will indicate how the design concept has evolved and provide a clear idea of what is intended for the site without the need for fully detailed plans. Without the submission of this information at outline stage the Department considers that a satisfactory layout and design that meets acceptable quality standards cannot be guaranteed.
4.43 Quality design proposals should emerge from a careful analysis of the site’s location, surrounding context and the specific characteristics of the site itself. The Department will expect to see a clear demonstration of the design thinking behind the scheme and how this has developed from the analysis. Pre-application discussions with the Department can be helpful when this analysis has been completed and design options are being evaluated. Following this, discussions with other bodies, including District Councils and local community representatives and groups, may also be useful. All such discussions can help avoid unnecessary or abortive work.
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