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PPS 7: Quality Residential Environments
Policy QD 1:  Public Open Space

4.30 Regard should always be given to ways of integrating pleasant, attractive and landscaped areas of public open space, including children’s playspaces, as an intrinsic element of any new residential development to meet the needs generated by that development. Open space not only has recreational and social value but is also considered vital to the overall design quality of the development. It can help promote biodiversity and contributes to the creation of an attractive, sustainable and varied residential environment, helping to ‘green’ an area, soften any environmental impact and foster a sense of community. All open space areas should be suitably located, proportioned and planted. Narrow or peripheral tracts which are difficult to manage will not be acceptable. Further information on the Department’s policy on provision of public open space in new residential development can be found in PPS 8 ‘Open Space, Sport and Recreation’.
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